This part of the Carolinas is full of wonders. It’s a place of great beauty, full of unique plants and animals. It’s a place that we love and call home. It’s a landscape that we depend on to sustain us, with farms that grow food, rivers that provide water, and forests that we need for clean air and a stable climate. And it’s a place that we urgently need to protect—for people and for all of nature.

Conserving Carolina has helped protect almost 49,000 acres and we are working hard to protect more. At a time of crisis when many plants and animals could go extinct, we are bringing back vital habitat that was lost and we’re connecting vast conservation corridors. At a time when people deeply need more nature in our lives, Conserving Carolina is opening new parks and trails (33 so far), spearheading a 100+ mile trail network, advancing 50 miles of new rails trails, and connecting people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to the great outdoors. At a time when so much of our rural land is being developed, we are working with private landowners to preserve farmland, clean water, wildlife habitat, and scenic views.

We can protect amazing places because of amazing people like you.

As we connect with people who love this place—like you—we see positive, powerful stories unfolding every day. Will you give or volunteer to protect the places you love?

Places Conserving Carolina Has Helped Protect

This map shows the nearly 49,000 acres protected so far and highlights some of our most treasured conservation lands.


Meet Conserving Carolina—and Our Amazing Members!

Get to know Conserving Carolina and the people who bring our mission to life.

Conserving Carolina’s Mission

Our mission is to protect, restore, and inspire appreciation of the natural world.

Where We Work

We serve part of Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina. In North Carolina, our region includes Polk, Henderson, and Transylvania Counties, and parts of Rutherford and other surrounding counties. In South Carolina, we serve the Landrum area, including parts of Greenville and Spartanburg Counties.

Indigenous Homelands

The land where we work is the homeland of the Cherokee, the Yuchi, and the Catawba people. We offer our deep gratitude to the land itself, for so many gifts, and we offer our respect to the people who have long cared for this land.

Our Track Record

We’ve been able to achieve a lot so far, with the support of people like you! Here are some highlights from almost 35 years protecting land and water, for nature and people. Help us keep conservation going strong in our part of the Carolinas.

DuPont State Forest by Mark File
High Falls in DuPont State Recreational Forest. Photo by Mark File.

Our History: Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy and Pacolet Area Conservancy

Conserving Carolina was formed in 2017 by the merger of two local land trusts with deep roots in our communities—Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy and Pacolet Area Conservancy.

The two land trusts served overlapping areas. Pacolet Area Conservancy was founded in 1989, with a focus on the Southeast portion of our current region. Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy, which served the North Carolina portion of our current region, was founded in 1994 as the Natural Heritage Trust of Henderson County.

After partnering successfully on several conservation projects, the two land trusts decided to join forces, combining our expertise, talents, and resources in order to strengthen our impact.

Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy and Pacolet Area Conservancy worked together to protect Little White Oak Mountain in Polk County, creating places for hiking, biking, hunting, and more.