Our Impact

Little White Oak Mountain

For more than a decade, Little White Oak Mountain faced the threat of becoming the site of a 687-unit residential development. Its high, rugged terrain—home to several federally-endangered species, more than 13 miles of streams and nearly 400 acres of the Little White Oak Mountain/Tryon Peak Natural Heritage Area—was at risk.

“A lot of the objections you hear from people about land conservation are that the lands can never be used for anything. This has a real plan that is going to benefit many people in the community directly, through their enjoyment of the Game Lands, housing in a suitable area, recreation… this is going to be a real asset to the community economically as well as from a preservation standpoint.” –Dot Moyer, Polk County Resident

Do you want our mountain views to remain unspoiled? Please make a donation to ensure Little White Oak Mountain is permanently protected during our Matching Fund Challenge.


Why Protect Our Land

  • Clean drinking water depends on protecting the land around rivers and streams
  • Natural resources sustain a healthy environment
  • Native trees and plants prevent erosion throughout the landscape
  • Wildlife need a safe place to call home
  • Avoids poorly planned development
  • Maintains a balance between our natural heritage and population growth

Conserving Carolina:

  • Protects forested wilderness, working farms, clean drinking water, trout streams, wildlife habitat and sweeping views
  • Partners with private landowners, community visionaries, and estate management professionals, to conserve land and maximize financial benefits through the use of voluntary land protection agreements, land donations and purchases
  • Monitors protected properties to ensure that the conservation values of the land are forever maintained
  • Provides technical resources that help landowners tailor conservation easements that suit individual needs
  • Raises awareness about the importance of land conservation for future generations

Economic Impact of Land Conservation

North Carolina’s two largest industries, agriculture and tourism, depend immensely on healthy natural resources. Agriculture, including forestry, contributes more than $84 billion per year to the state economy, and employs 686,000 people. Tourism is a $20 billion-per- year industry and provides 197,000 jobs. In addition, the total economic impact from fishing, hunting, and outdoor recreation is $28 billion per year. The Blue Ridge Parkway alone attracts more than 15 million visitors per year and generates nearly $1 billion in economic activity for nearby communities. North Carolina’s beautiful natural areas are also a strong draw to companies seeking a high-quality of life for their employees and their families.


Weed Action Coalition of the Hickory Nut Gorge

WAC-HNG works as a coalition of area partners, including Conserving Carolina, to protect the natural communities and scenic beauty of the Hickory Nut Gorge by managing the establishment and spread of non-native invasive plant species.
We operate collaboratively to provide both public and private landowners in the Gorge with the information and resources that they need to restore their land to its native habitat.