Conserving Carolina’s work doesn’t end once property is placed under a conservation easement. It’s only just beginning!

Stewardship is the perpetual care of the lands placed under easement or ownership with Conserving Carolina. The protection of
these properties is a legal and moral responsibility that continues forever.

Working with Landowners

Stewardship staff assist owners of conserved lands with connections to management information and resources. Another responsibility of our stewardship staff is to ensure that each conservation easement’s goals are upheld in perpetuity, supporting the continuing commitment of conservation landowners. We visit each easement property at least once a year to monitor for compliance with easement terms and to keep appropriate records.

Managing Land Held by Conserving Carolina

Conserving Carolina also owns land outright, and manages these parcels according to written plans designed to protect and enhance the unique natural resources of each property. Management activities on the lands Conserving Carolina owns include non-native, invasive species removal workdays, trail maintenance days, and treatment of trees infested with the hemlock woolly adelgid.

Stewardship Volunteers

Get your hands dirty with us! We host regular stewardship workdays at Lewis Creek Nature Preserve, Florence Nature Preserve, the Humphrey Farm, Norman Wilder Forest, Tryon Lots, and on the trail! Check to see what’s coming up next here.

Conserving Carolina has an active and enthusiastic Stewardship Committee composed of volunteers who assist staff with management activities and issues that may arise with easements or fee properties, such as amendment requests, management plan approvals and exercising of reserved rights.

If you are interested in helping Conserving Carolina with stewardship activities or serving on our Stewardship Committee, click here to email the Volunteer Coordinator.

Stewardship Fund

As we increase the amount of acreage protected in our operating region, we increase the need to care and steward that land. Conservation easements are only as strong as the stewardship program that supports them. Your contribution to Conserving Carolina’s stewardship fund will help ensure that protected lands are continued to be monitored yearly and retain their conservation values.