Conserving Carolina’s Vision and Mission

Vision: A community inspired, land and water saved, for nature and people, forever.

Mission: To protect, restore, and inspire appreciation of the natural world.

Reece Place Falls, photo by Kevin Adams
Waterfall in Headwaters State Forest in Transylvania County. This photo and banner photo are both by Kevin Adams

What We Do

Your support is powering some amazing conservation projects. With your help, Conserving Carolina is creating new parks, trails, and greenways. We’re protecting mountains, foothills, rivers, and farms—nearly 49,000 acres so far. We’re restoring woods, meadows, and wetlands. We’re engaging people in volunteer work, hikes, outings, field trips, speaker series, native plant gardening, and more. You can find the latest on our work in our News section. Or, jump to our Top 5 Stories.

You can also learn about how we carry out the three branches of our mission here:

2020-2024 Strategic Plan

In 2019, we updated our five-year Strategic Plan to clarify our vision, mission, and values and establish our strategic directions for the coming years. You can see an overview of our Strategic Plan here.


Guiding Principles

We value community

Understanding and addressing community needs is central to our mission.

We value environmental stewardship

We work to sustain the beauty, vitality, and diversity of the natural world.

We value integrity

Honesty and credibility form the foundation on which relationships are built.

We value innovation

Working creatively empowers us to address new opportunities and challenges.

We value collaboration

Working together results in greater benefits for nature and people.

We value equity

We will include, benefit, and empower people of differing views, experiences, and identities.

Our Summer of Service empowers passionate young conservationists.

Five Strategic Directions

In our 2020-2024 Strategic Plan, we clarified our vision, mission, and guiding principles (above), and we established five strategic directions to guide our work:

1. Protect Land and Water

Our core work is always to protect the natural world that sustains us. The places we protect provide clean air and water, nourishing food, scenic beauty, wildlife habitat, and so much more.   

2. Engage Communities

We can succeed only if people feel connected to nature and act to protect it. From school field trips to volunteer crews, we are cultivating a powerful conservation ethic.

3. Advance Climate Crisis Solutions

The places we protect are threatened by climate change, so we need to defend them. Natural areas are also part of the solution. They capture carbon, help animals adapt, and make communities more resilient.     

4. Promote Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Conservation needs diverse perspectives and a broad base of support. To earn those, we need to ensure that our work fairly includes, benefits, and empowers people of all backgrounds. 

5. Increase Financial Resiliency

We’ve promised to protect land forever. We’re committed to serving our communities through thick or thin. To achieve our goals, we need a strong financial foundation. 

AmeriCorps Project Conserve, which Conserving Carolina leads, strengthens conservation throughout WNC.