Rose is passionate about telling the stories of people’s relationships with land. Over the years, she’s written about Navajos fighting uranium mining, farmers restoring habitat for bobwhite quail, and teenagers who gained confidence when they climbed their first mountain. She is curious: What stories inspire people? What stories connect people? What stories are holding us back? What keeps stories from being heard?

Rose started her career as a journalist, a thread that has carried through to this day. She has worked as a writer, storyteller, and strategist for the Piedmont Environmental Council, Land Trust Alliance, and other conservation nonprofits. She was immersed in the world of digital marketing as an SEO specialist with JB Media in Asheville.

Rose is from the beautiful Blue Ridge of Virginia. Anyone who knows Old Rag Mountain gets “points” with her. She loves wildflowers, creeks, yoga, bluebirds, and gardening. She moved to Asheville in 2013 and she’s still discovering magical new places in the Southern Apps—although a recurring case of wanderlust sometimes leads her to further-flung adventures.

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