Richard “Ken” Shelton is a self-described Army “brat”, having attended 10 different schools before going to college at “THE” University of Virginia as a scholarship athlete in football. He was later drafted to the Denver Broncos. Ken attended medical school at UVA on an Army scholarship. He interned and did residency in Honolulu with pay back time at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

In 1987, Ken made his way to Hendersonville, along with his wife, Marney, and 3 kids, Mason, Tarah and Houston. They completed their family with their 4th child, Tucker, who was born at Pardee Hospital.

His appreciation for the outdoors came from extensive traveling between duty stations and his Boy Scout experience as an Eagle Scout. His current interests include biking (which is his current method of commuting), mountain biking, hiking, trail building, woodworking, advocating for greenways, conservation and addiction prevention (particularly tobacco).

Professionally, Ken is recently “retired” from Pardee Hospital, where he still is working some. He served multiple years as Chair of the Dept of Radiology, then as Chief of Staff. At Pardee, he received the inaugural Pardee Hospital “Physician of the Year” award. He has been very involved in the community, serving in multiple areas, including: the Henderson County representative on the Land of Sky Regional Council Regional Trail Committee, a member of the Henderson County Greenway Master Plan Committee, the Ecusta Trail Board, founder of Tobacco Free for Life, an organizing member of the Friends of the Falls (which saved the DuPont waterfall corridor), and a former board member of Conserving Carolina.

His community work has landed him several awards including: the NC Environmentalist(s) of the Year 2001 (shared with many other members of the Friends of the Falls), the Golden Spoke Award 2003 (for local bike advocacy), the Tobacco Control Physician Award from the NC Medical Society 1997, and the Paul Harris Fellow (Rotary Club International) for his work with the New Zealand Olympic Swim team pre-Olympics in Hendersonville, 1996.

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