Lia grew up deeply intertwined with the natural world, romping and roaming in the mountains of western North Carolina. At the University of Missouri, she studied journalism and environmental science, interested in telling stories about the relationship between people, culture, and the environment. After graduation she moved to Almeria, Spain to teach high school English and science courses, focused on educating students on holistic sustainability and wellbeing.

Upon moving back to North Carolina, she joined Conserving Carolina’s Project Conserve as Habitat Restoration Associate. During her time in Americorps, she began exploring ways to best support the sovereignty of the indigenous people whose land we steward and protect. This led to the creation of her current position as Indigenous Partnership and Restoration Coordinator, made possible through funding from the Cherokee Preservation Foundation.

When let loose in the wild, Lia loves to rock climb, explore, roller skate, make art, and lay in the sun.

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