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Unveiling Nature’s Secrets: Gardening for Life Celebration 2024 

Monarch in aster. By Sharon Mammoser.

Columbus, NC – The Gardening for Life Celebration returns to Polk County High School on March 30, 2024. The inaugural Celebration occurred in March 2023 when more than 700 people traveled from across the region to hear a presentation by conservationist Doug Tallamy, to shop for native plants and to explore educational exhibits. The day was designed to engage the community in meaningful conversations about the many ways conservation begins at home.  

Corrie Woods, who serves on the project’s leadership team, says, “The March 2023 event kicked off a tremendous amount of excitement. That was our goal! Attendees left the day asking questions like, What’s next? How can I put this information into action in my yard? Where can I find resources to continue the learning?” In response, we created a Learning Center at gardeningforlifeproject.org where folks can discover helpful links to resources on everything from invasive species to backyard ecology to what native plant grow best where. In addition, given the overwhelming response, we decided that another day of celebration was called for.”  

The Gardening for Life Celebration 2024 will be on March 30, 2024 from noon to 5 p.m. This free event will explore the many ways that true conservation begins at home, right outside our doors. 

Primrose Moth sleeping in a Primrose flower. By Sharon Mammoser.

Highlights of the Day: 

  • Gardening for Life 2024 Conservation Speaker – Jim McCormac. Jim is an award-winning author, botanist, conservationist and acclaimed photographer. He will take the stage to deliver a captivating presentation on the mysterious world of moths. Prepare to be amazed as McCormac unveils the crucial role moths play in pollination and maintaining a healthy, biodiverse ecosystem. 
  • Native Plant Sale offering a wide selection of native plants from many of the region’s finest growers. 
  • Educational Exhibits featuring more than a dozen exhibits by organizations and community educators who will provide valuable insights, tips and tools for nurturing habitat at home and in the local area. 
  • Student Engagement in Conservation spotlighting ways area students are actively participating in conservation lessons and activities. 
  • Attendee perks include free packages of pollinator friendly seeds and entry into a free drawing for some outdoor fun and adventure.
Gardening for Life Celebration plant sale 2023. By Maddie Mann.

This free event is made possible by the support of dozens of community partners. Lead partners include The Congregational Church (UCC) Tryon, Conserving Carolina, New View Realty, Claussen Walters Real Estate, Champions for Wildlife, Mast General Store, Wild Birds Unlimited Hendersonville, Modera Wealth, Green Blade Garden Club, Tryon Garden Club and Denny and Skip Crowe. 

Visit gardeningforlifeproject.org to stay updated on the latest news. 

Visit conservingcarolina.org for information on event registration. 

Gardening for Life Project is an all-volunteer community initiative based out of Polk County, NC. The mission of GFLP is to inspire our community to preserve and protect biodiversity in the Carolina Foothills by beginning right outside our doors. Conservation begins at home.

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