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Little Wonders: Photography by Sharon Mammoser

Rosy Maple Moth
Rosy Maple Moth

Our newest Photo Ambassador, Sharon Mammoser, sees glory in tiny things. Sharon has volunteered with Conserving Carolina for years, by tending bird boxes, writing Habitat at Home articles, and judging our photo contest. Now, we are delighted to share another a generous contribution from her—a portfolio of work as one of our Photo Ambassadors! Through Photo Ambassadors, some of the best photographers in our region offer their images to support conservation and inspire a deeper connection with Nature.

Here is a selection of Sharon’s extraordinary images, including some that were taken at our Pleasant Grove restoration site. To dive deeper into Sharon’s photography and other offerings, check out her website, Nature for My Soul or follow her on Instagram. We hope you enjoy her images of the shining world.

Splendor in the Grass


Artist Statement: “Nature is My Church”

Nature is my church. It is what nourishes my soul and makes my heart happy. I enjoy an intimacy with the natural world that goes well beyond knowing the names of plants and animals. Outside is where I feel most alive, most whole and healed, as if someone waved a magic wand over me, melting away my troubles.

Creating compelling photographs of nature is a passion I have nurtured since I was ten. I am always looking for new ways to portray ordinary subjects. Anything outside is fair game and enjoyable to photograph, but my favorite subjects are what I call “Little Wonders.” These are the things few people would notice, such as dew drops on spider silk, shadows on fern fronds, or insect wings that catch the sunlight and glisten like gold. I can easily spend two hours in an unnamed meadow and not move more than 6 feet, as potential images are everywhere once I stop trying to be somewhere and focus on my immediate surroundings.

With my photography I want to encourage people to look at nature with new eyes, possibly letting go of old misconceptions and long-held fears and discovering that their own backyards can hold just as much beauty and fascinating creatures as faraway destinations. I strive to motivate people to become stewards of ALL things wild–not just the cute, cuddly and beautiful animals, but the hairy, scary, scaly, slimly, furry, feathery, giant, tiny and odd ones too. I believe every animal and plant deserves respect regardless of its place in the food web and with my photography I strive to inspire change, one person at a time.


Little Wonders, by Sharon Mammoser

Gray Tree Frog
Gray Tree Frog


Female Eastern Pondhawk dragonfly


Dragonfly with clear wings
Green Darner dragonfly


Damselfly with dew


Dew on a spiderweb
Evanescent Wealth


Why I Wake Early


Variaged Fritillary Eclosing
Variegated Fritillary emerging from its chrysalis


Monarch Butterfly in a Field of Goldenrod
Monarch Butterfly in a Field of Goldenrod


Streamside Window


Mountain Ash
Mountain Ash


Self Portrait, by Sharon Mammoser
Self portrait by Sharon Mammoser

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Sharon shares her images and insights on her website, Nature for My Soul. You can see more of her stunning work, buy prints or greeting cards, read her blog posts, and check out her unique educational programs and blue ghost firefly tours. You can also see her latest work by following her on Instagram!

Thank you, Sharon, for sharing your work to support conservation!


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