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New Hendersonville Pollinator Trail!

Discover Pollinator Adventures!

We are excited to present this new guide in partnership with Bee City USA – Hendersonville.

A guide to local destinations that inspire, educate, and celebrate the importance of pollinators! Not only are pollinators beautiful and interesting to observe, they’re responsible for producing most of the foods we enjoy! Follow this trail to stroll through bountiful gardens brimming with colorful blossoms and teaming with life. Experience the rich flavors of local honey, artisanal beverages, and farm-fresh foods found in our majestic mountain region. Take in the beauty of local artwork inspired by bees and butterflies. Whether at a seasonal festival or a local garden center, discover native plants to help create your own homegrown paradise for pollinators! Discover pollinator adventures around Hendersonville and beyond.

Get this free guide and find out how to:

  • Bee Artsy! Public art celebrating pollinators
  • Bee Green! Pollinator gardens and habitiats
  • Bee Smart! Just for kids ecoEXPLORE hotspots
  • Bee Seasonal! Annual events & festivals
  • Bee-come a Pollinator Gardener! Local garden centers and nature shops

Get the Guide

Painting “The Good of the Hive” mural in downtown Hendersonville


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