The Pardee & Conserving Carolina White Squirrel Hiking Challenge 4 introduces eight new hikes that take you, your friends, and family out on Conserving Carolina-protected lands—up mountains, over streams, through forests and back. There is something for everyone, from gentle strolls to more strenuous climbs. Enjoy expansive views, blooming wildflowers, tumbling waterfalls and hallowed historical grounds while staying active, getting some fresh air, and experiencing the protected lands you make possible.

“I love that the trails have been preserved through the generosity of private citizens, advocates, Conserving Carolina, and the many volunteer trail crews. Exploring nature allows us to relax in its simple beauty. The White Squirrel Hiking Challenges provide an opportunity to discover new areas of conservation and a goal to achieve with friends who have similar interests. We’re so fortunate to have access to beautiful lands and waters here. We must preserve these special places; there’s no getting them back once they’re lost”

~Kay Shurtleff, passionate completer of Pardee & Conserving Carolina White Squirrel Hiking Challenges 1-4