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Winter Lady Slipper Winners: Bill & Donna Hamilton

Bill & Donna Hamilton

Winter Lady Slipper Winners

Congratulations to Bill and Donna Hamilton for winning our Winter Lady Slipper Award! The Lady Slipper is given out four times a year to outstanding volunteers. Bill and Donna moved to WNC five years ago to live in the mountains in an area where others share the love for the outdoors as they do. They have each dedicated hundreds of hours to Conserving Carolina in the past three years and we appreciate all the hard work they do to help us work towards our mission.

Bill and Donna often volunteer with the Rock Crushers, but do everything from litter cleanups to non-native invasive plant control as well. As members of the Rock Crushers they work on our trails in the Hickory Nut Gorge, showing up every Wednesday eager to complete any project that gets sent their way. Their most rewarding volunteer experience has been making great friends along the way and helping construct the Weed Patch Mountain Trail. They feel that “working with Conserving Carolina is the perfect combination of helping preserve the land and also make it more user-friendly for others to enjoy.”

When they’re not volunteering with Conserving Carolina, you may find them traveling, hiking, or volunteering at Church. Donna also enjoys photography and art projects while Bill enjoys making ciders and wines. To finish with their favorite quote, “the mountains are calling, and I must go” – John Muir


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