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Create New Trails in Bracken Preserve

Bracken Preserve Trail

Bracken Preserve is a local treasure that links the City of Brevard with Pisgah National Forest. Now, we’re expanding the preserve and we have the opportunity to build new trails—with your help!

We had a rare chance last year to purchase 34 acres of stunning forest land to add to the preserve. And we did it! An outpouring of community support made it possible to act quickly and buy the land. Now we are raising funds to build 3-4 miles of new trails. These trails will be more moderate than the existing trail network in Bracken, so the preserve is more welcoming to people of all ages, abilities, and skill levels. 

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Vision for the New Bracken Preserve Trails

This beautiful property will allow the City of Brevard to build some easier trails so more people can enjoy the woods.

If you’ve ever hiked or biked the existing trails in Bracken Preserve, you know how challenging they are. The section straight out of the parking lot is one of the steepest trails around. It climbs a series of grueling switchbacks that are heart-pounding for even the most athletic trail users. As a result, many people simply don’t go to Bracken to walk, run, or bike.

Now, with this additional 34 acres we have the opportunity to open Bracken to a wider range of trail users. The goal is to create 3-4 miles of new trails, including two moderate loops and an easier way to access the existing Bracken trail network. These trails will expand the existing 9-mile trail network while inviting people of all ages, skill levels, and fitness levels to experience the extraordinary forest at the doorstep of Brevard.

Will you make a gift to make it happen? 

To donate online, go here, then select “Bracken Mountain Preserve” under “Donation Purpose.”

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A Place for Kids and Locals

The expanded Bracken Preserve trails will benefit our local community, including children and teens, young families, seniors, and beginning mountain bikers. It will also offer better options for people with disabilities.

The new trails will be convenient to neighborhoods on the north side of Brevard. And the planned greenway system will extend to Bracken so people can reach the preserve without needing a car or anyone to drive them. While most of the family-friendly trails in Pisgah National Forest are overrun with tourists whenever school is out, we anticipate that these trails will be more of a local spot. More moderate trails will also be welcoming to seniors and more accessible to some people with disabilities.

As they explore the trails, people will find themselves in a special woodland with clear mountain creeks, high elevation seeps, and healthy oak forests. The Bracken addition is home to rare plants such as yellow ladyslippers and many kinds of wildlife, including salamanders which thrive in the seeps.

Ultimately, the new trails will be a gateway to all of Pisgah National Forest. People who start out riding bikes, walking dogs, running trails, or bonding with friends here may branch out to further adventures and an even deeper love for nature.

Bracken Preserve Trail

Where the New Bracken Trails Will Go

This map shows the proposed expansion of Bracken Mountain Preserve and potential routes for new loop trails, as well as a reroute that would make it easier to get to the existing Bracken Preserve trails.

Map of Proposed Bracken Preserve Expansion

Act Now to Make it Happen!

Conserving Carolina is partnering with City of Brevard to raise funds for the new trails.

You can donate online, by phone, or by mail. However you make your gift, we are deeply grateful!

Online: Go here to donate online. Under “Donation Purpose,” select “Bracken Mountain Preserve.”

By phone: Call us at 828-697-5777, ext. 200 to make your gift over the phone.

By mail: Send your check to Conserving Carolina with “Bracken Mountain Preserve” in the memo line. Mail checks or pledges to:

Conserving Carolina
847 Case Street
Hendersonville, NC 28792

Donate online 


Thank You for Creating New Trails in Bracken Preserve!



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