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Do You Want to Trade Your Land for Conservation Land?

Photo by Gordon Tutor

Do you want to trade your land for conservation land?

That’s what Ed and Jane Isbey did. The Isbeys are passionate conservationists who have completed every White Squirrel Hiking Challenge we ever launched. Hiking on these gorgeous protected lands made them want to protect some land themselves. They owned 15 acres in Madison County. However, their property, which is next to an industrial park, didn’t have especially high value for land conservation.

So, the Isbeys did something very generous. They donated their 15-acre property to Conserving Carolina, with the understanding that we can sell the land and use the proceeds to protect prime conservation land. When we own property like this, we call it “trade land.” The Isbeys essentially traded the land they owned for forever-protected conservation land, like the stunning mountains around the Hickory Nut Gorge trails where they love to hike.

Like most charitable donations, the value of donated land, whether for conservation or as trade land, may qualify for a tax deduction.

We are deeply grateful to the Isbeys for acting on their special connection with the mountains and helping us protect more places for everyone to enjoy!