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Conserving Carolina Virtual Earth Month Celebration

#EarthDayIsNotCancelled #WNCforthePlanet

Many environmental organizations, including Conserving Carolina, have had to make the difficult decision to cancel events during Earth Month and many celebrations of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day due to COVID-19. Although many of these events are cancelled, Earth Day is not cancelled because there are still so many things we can do to continue celebrating the planet!

So join us at Conserving Carolina in celebration
of 50 years of Earth Day by participating in some of these 50 celebration
activities. Together we will continue to make an impact!

Save a pdf version of this list here

Celebrate by learning something new

1. Find a cool species you don’t know the name of (plant or animal), take a photo of it on iNaturalist and learn more about it.
2. Read about cool native animals on Polk County’s Most Wanted column.
3. Attend a virtual education event.
4. Check out Conserving Carolina’s YouTube page.
5. Watch a documentary on an environmental issue.
6. Look online to figure out what can and can’t be recycled where you live.
7. Learn about what food waste can be diverted from the landfill through composting.
8. Research renewable energy initiatives in your area.
9. Learn about the impacts of climate change on WNC.
10. Look up the history of Earth Day.
11. Read or recommend to someone a book on an environmental issue.
12. Take a virtual field trip by using Google Earth to explore other beautiful places in our region we can’t visit right now.

Celebrate by getting creative

13. Start a competition or game with friends and family like seeing who can complete the most celebration activities or who can pick-up the most trash on their street.
14. Create a painting or drawing of your favorite place to explore outdoors or your favorite animal or plant.
15.  Write a story, poem or blog about a time you felt grateful for the Earth.
16. Create a video of yourself doing one of our celebration activities and share online.
17.  Explore all the ways you can engage in nature using each of your senses.
18. Transform trash into treasure by making art work from recyclable materials.
19.  Create posters with Earth Day messages to put outside your house on Earth Day.

Celebrate with actions

20.  Pick up litter and trash in your local community.
21.  Find a new outdoor place near where you live or in your own backyard.
22.  Participate in our Habitat at Home contest by showing us what you’re doing at home to create better habitat.
23.  Participate in an at-home citizen science effort.
24.  Plant a pollinator or vegetable garden.
25.  Create a pollinator hotel.
26. Sign-up for EcoChallenge to take action with others around the globe.
27.  Write a letter or call your representatives about the environmental issues you are concerned about.
28.  Mark your calendars within-person Conserving Carolina events in the upcoming months.
29.  Sign-up to volunteer with Conserving Carolina and attend a virtual Volunteer Information Session.
30.  Become a member or donate to Conserving Carolina.

Celebrate by reducing your footprint

31. Become aware of your carbon footprint on the planet by calculating it.
32. Eat food that is local and in-season.
33. Unplug electronic devices when not in use.
34. Turn off the lights when you are not in a room.
35. Create a personal composting bin.
36. Change your light bulbs to long-lasting LED lightbulbs.
37. Make the switch to digital receipts and bills.
38. Buy local products when you can.
39. If you have to ship, check to see if there is an “eco-friendly option” with less packaging.
40. Use reusable grocery bags while shopping.
41. Invest in a reusable water bottle.
42. Use eco-friendly products in your home.
43. Collect rainwater by creating a rain barrel (small or large!).

Celebrate by sharing your love of the Earth

44. Share your action with the Earth Day Network by submitting an “Act of Green.”
45. Start a climate conversation by asking a friend or family member how they’ve been impacted by climate change.
46. Try a sustainable cooking recipe and share it with family or friends.
47. Share Conserving Carolina’s celebration action list with a family member or friend.
48. Put together a list of goals for you and your family for ways to continue your actions throughout the year.
49. Share something new you’ve learned with a family member or friend.

50. Share how you care for the environment and all the ways you are celebrating Earth Day by posting a photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and tag Conserving Carolina with the hashtag #Celebrate50withCC


Check out WNCforthePlanet for other ways to get involved during Earth Month! 

WNC for the Planet is a collective of local environmental organizations that provides access to service, educational, and recreational opportunities in recognition of Earth Month in April. We strive to unify our community to encourage and celebrate environmental stewardship for our planet and the region.