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Comporium Donates $50,000 to the Ecusta Trail

Comporium check for Ecusta Trail
The Ecusta Trail fundraising campaign got a big boost on Tuesday, when Comporium presented a $50,000 donation to Conserving Carolina to go toward trail construction. When built, the Ecusta trail will be a 19-mile destination rail trail that connects Hendersonville and Brevard.

A subsidiary of Conserving Carolina purchased the Ecusta Trail rail corridor last year and Conserving Carolina is now partnering with Friends of the Ecusta Trail to raise the funds needed for construction. Local donations including the gift from Comporium are used to meet a 20% match for state and federal grants, meaning that each gift made toward the trail is multiplied by five.

Comporium is a company offering internet, digital video, phone, and home security services with a branch on Main Street in Brevard.

“Comporium is always looking for ways to invest in the communities that we serve and we are excited to be able to help with the construction of the Ecusta Trail,” stated Comporium’s Director and City Executive Shelia Carland. “We believe that this project will be as much of an economic development driver as it will add to the quality of life here in Brevard and Transylvania County.”

Kieran Roe, the Executive Director of Conserving Carolina, says “We are deeply grateful for this gift, which will go far toward making the Ecusta Trail a reality. Thanks to Comporium and other generous donors, the Ecusta Trail will expand outdoor recreation, boost our economy, and lead to better health. We hope that this leadership-level gift by Comporium will inspire more donors to give generously to build the trail.”

Mayor Maureen Copelof says, “The City of Brevard is absolutely thrilled and extremely grateful for Comporium’s $50,000 donation to the Ecusta Trail. This trail will be an asset to our entire community.

By linking Brevard and Hendersonville, the trail will provide connectivity for people to get to work, school, shopping, hospitals and for recreation purposes. This extremely generous gift from Comporium helps bring the trail that much closer to reality. This is a wonderful example of Comporium stepping up and demonstrating their strong community commitment and involvement. We are pleased to welcome Comporium as a major community partner on the Ecusta Trail project. Comporium’s generosity and community spirit are to be commended and are certainly very, very much appreciated.”

Gifts to the Ecusta Trail can be made through Conserving Carolina. To learn more, go to conservingcarolina.org/ecusta. Online, there is a full list of donors to the trail at giving levels of $5,000 and above. Community support so far has been very generous, and each gift moves the Ecusta Trail closer to construction.

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