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Video: Amazing Views and Stories

Meet Conserving Carolina—and our Inspiring Members

This new Conserving Carolina video showcases conservation with stunning aerial footage, including sunrise from one of our newest trails. It outlines our vision for not just protecting land, but in many cases, restoring natural areas to leave them better than we found them. You’ll glimpse beautiful animals like baby turkeys and a red eft. But, best of all, you’ll get to meet some of our amazing members—people like you who make it happen.

You’ll hear from Alexla Perez-Sanchez, who discovered her love of nature during our Summer of Service. Bob Carlson and Kim Chao, two of our intrepid Rock Crushers, talk about what inspires them to volunteer so much. Rafael Bravo shows us the farm he and his wife are protecting in Polk County, after he moved from his native Venezuela. Babs Strickland shares her story of creating a nature preserve in memory of her daughter. And Larry Pender and Tanya Marie Cummings talk about their vision for more inclusive parks and trails.

There’s more to the story

Every one of these people has an amazing story to share. So we didn’t want to stop with this one short video. Instead, we have 1-2 minute videos about all of these folks, which we’ll be introducing one at a time this spring. You can see all of the stories so far here:


Sunrise in Hickory Nut Gorge

Thank you, Will & Deni Media!

We are deeply grateful to two more of our amazing members, Will and Deni McIntyre, who volunteered their exceptional skills in video production to create these films. They really knocked it out of the park!

Get Involved

If you’re feeling inspired, please support conservation by donating or volunteering. It’s people like you who make this vital work possible, and we are so grateful for your support!



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