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Vote for the Photo Contest Winner

Here are the five finalists in our spring Habitat at Home contest! Cast your vote for the grand prize winner!

In our annual Habitat at Home photo contest, we asked you to show us the wild things you see at home (or other places in your community, like a church or school). Because nature isn’t just for nature preserves. Pollinators, birds, and wild critters need a lot more habitat and you can provide that right where you live. It’s a hopeful, hands-on way to care for our natural world. And you get to see beautiful and amazing things, as you can tell from these photos!

A panel of judges chose these five finalists in the contest and now it’s up to you to choose the grand prize winner. Vote for your favorite in this Google form. You can only vote once, so choose carefully. The last day to vote is Friday, May 26 at 5:00 PM. Feel free to share this contest with others!



Here Are the 5 Finalists

1. Banded Pennant Dragonfly – by Randolph Richardson


2. Brown Thrasher – by Denise Booher


3. Ruby Crowned Kinglet – by Cathleen Bester


4. Wasp on Passionflower – by Christopher Jayne


5. Blue Jay – by Holly Dunn

Cast Your Vote!

Here’s the link to the Google form to cast your vote. You can only vote once and voting ends on Friday, May 26 at 5:00 PM. Everyone is welcome to vote, so feel free to share this contest widely!



Thank You to Our Judges

These finalists were chosen by a panel of three judges, with expertise in both photography and gardening for habitat. We are deeply grateful to Sharon Mammoser, Leah Swann, and Corrie Woods for volunteering to select this year’s finalists.

Prizes in This Year’s Contest

The grand prize winner will be chosen through online voting, and will win a two-hour consultation donated by noted local landscape architect, Mark Byington of Byington Landscape Architects, known for his emphasis on sustainable landscapes. Mark will explore solutions for any site-related issues at your home or another place that you are involved with, such as a school, church, community garden, or neighborhood green space.

The other four finalists will each receive a $25 gift certificate to the business of their choice from this list of places to get native plants.

Congratulations to all of our finalists! And thank you to everyone who contributed beautiful, inspiring, and sometimes funny images in this year’s contest! We loved seeing each and every one of them.