As a south Florida native and Jamaican citizen, Courtney would prefer temperatures stay above 75. However, she is grateful to have lived most of her life in the NC mountains. Courtney joined Conserving Carolina in 2017 and graduated from Western Carolina University with degrees in Accounting, Finance, and Hospitality & Tourism Management. She and her husband Jesse live in Arden with Copper, Tod, Bianca, and Crush…three dogs and a red-eared slider.

Courtney keeps a busy schedule. If not hosting a dinner party, on the golf course, or attending a rock concert, then she is most likely in Walt Disney World. She frequently travels to South Florida to dote on her grandmothers and hosts her grandfather when he visits from Jamaica. She graciously allows him to use the kitchen to cook jerk chicken and pork, oxtail, bammy, and maybe a Red Stripe or five.

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