Growing up in rural Northern New Jersey, Sarah has always had a love for the outdoors. Whether it was helping her grandmother garden, kayaking down the Delaware River, or hiking along portions of the Appalachian trail, she tried to spend every minute she could in nature. Throughout most of her life, she had never considered her outdoorsy hobbies to be anything more than that – hobbies. However, after multiple major changes and transferring colleges, the decision to pursue a degree in Environmental Science and Policy was as natural as breathing. After earning her bachelor’s from the University of South Florida, she served two previous AmeriCorps service terms – one as an Education and Outreach Steward for the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference and another as a Conservation Easement Steward for the Nature Conservancy of South Carolina – where she fell in love with the Blue Ridge Mountains and surrounding regions. She is excited to expand and share her knowledge while serving with Project Conserve at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.