Sam was born and raised in Charleston, SC and lucky enough to grow up with a wetland ecosystem in her backyard. Having access to rich, biodiverse habitats allowed her to truly appreciate their ability to produce and sustain so much life, human beings included. She also saw overdevelopment of land lead to degraded water quality, habitat fragmentation and erosion — which inspired her to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies at UNC Asheville. She has conducted undergraduate research on the sprawl of impervious surfaces and its effects on WNC watersheds. In 2019-2020, she served with AmeriCorps Project Conserve as a Land Steward and Volunteer Associate at Southern Appalachian Highlands Association. While serving with Asheville GreenWorks as the Water Quality Coordinator, she plans to lead litter clean ups to help restore degraded rivers and streams and host workshops to raise awareness about plastic pollution. In her free time, Sam enjoys running, hiking, swimming, kayaking, and curling up with a good book and her sweet kitty.