Born in Baltimore, Maryland but quickly moving to Roanoke Island, North Carolina, Julie felt drawn to science from the beginning. Throughout her public schooling, she enjoyed classes pertaining to renewable resources, technology, natural science and art. This interest lead her to the mountains of Western North Carolina where she received a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Studies with a concentration of Field Ecology and Biology at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. Before graduating, an internship with a water quality laboratory steered her toward stream study and restoration. She particularly enjoyed being able to root around in streams searching for macro aquatic invertebrates, a favorite of hers is the numerous types of stone fly larvae! Upon graduating, Julie needed to move away from environmental studies for temporarily and worked at a law firm as a paralegal and later on as domestic violence shelter advocate but was eventually able to work closely with the staff of the Blue Ridge Parkway with a Conservation Legacy Internship. Though time had passed, she is finally able to return to her environmental interests and that water quality laboratory that started it all with her current term. In her free time, Julie loves creating art, hiking along the Blue Ridge Parkway, riding her mule named Murphy’s Law and relaxing at home with her husband and two cats.