Since he was in elementary school Eric has had a powerful affinity for nature. He loved climbing trees and engaging in imaginative play within the woods, in a meadow or by a lake. Since watching An Inconvenient truth film he has cultivated a passion and drive to protect, preserve and conserve our natural world. He grew up and lived in Northeast Ohio for most of his life until he moved to the Asheville area a couple of months ago. He has a bachelors in psychology from the College of Wooster and a Master’s in the Environment and Natural Resources from Ohio State.

Over the past decade Eric has been involved in educational projects at the university and community levels to conserve energy, utilize and promote the adoption of renewable energy sources, encourage sustainable land conservation practices, educate children and adults about local ecosystems, and communicate to the public information about how to reduce carbon footprints through various kinds of behavioral practices.

He wants to gain experience as an Energy Conservation and Education Specialist to prepare for a long term career path where he can really make a difference. He wants to strengthen the energy conservation and preservation land ethic among the populace and help influence citizens to care more about our natural resources and change their behavior for the betterment of the Earth.